This page will be updated several times during the game starting at around 4:00 PM Eastern.

The NHL and the NHLPA have reached a tentative agreement ending the 112-day lockout.  The NHL will run a 48-game season with games scheduled to start around January 18.

Football will be the talk of the game as the Indianapolis Colts battle the Baltimore  Colts Ravens and the Seattle Seahawks tangle with the Washington Redskins.  Football ends with the bowl between Kent State and Arkansas State.  (I know where Arkansas is on the map, but I can’t find Kent.)

The Baltimore Ravens advanced to the Division Round by beating the Indianapolis Colts 24-9.  Odd thing is that at one time this game would have been the Baltimore Colts at the Cleveland Browns.  The Ravens won with solid defense and a steady offense.  They will travel to Denver and lose to the Broncos next Saturday.

The Seattle Seahawks went to Washington (DC, not the state – the state would have been a home game for them) and spanked my Washington Redskins 24-14.  😦   The turning point was when RGIII hurt his knee.  The Redskins were leading 14-0 before the roof caved in on the open-aired stadium.  Seattle travels to Atlanta next Sunday in the battle of Angry Birds.  Unlike the other victors this weekend, the Seahawks have a good chance of winning next weekend.