I haven’t been able to give a day’s summary of the news for a while and it will be a while before I can.  While I will not be posting daily any more, I will be updating the pages for this blog.  I have already updated the “Celebrity RIP” page and will update the “Champions” page soon after the conclusion of the Super Bowl.  I will add major stories as they happen.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified today on Capitol Hill in regards to the September 11 attack in Benghazi.  Her testimony was televised live on all of the news networks.  This means that it was basically about nothing except for a few soundbites the media could use later.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will lift the ban on women serving on the front lines in a battle.  While many people question this decision, I applauded it.  An angry woman is not to be messed with and would end wars much sooner than their male counterparts.

All of the New York City news shows had extensive team coverage on the fact that it was a cold day in January.  The station meteorologists all predicted that it will be cold for the rest of the month.


Tonight is scheduled to be the coldest night in the northeastern United States in a few years.  A cold front is being unleashed by the Canadian government in retaliation for American NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman locking out the hockey players and postponing the season for three and a half months.

Yesterday President Obama was sworn in, today will be the first of many days he’ll be sworn at.  Today was also Election day in Israel, and Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election in their elections.  While he is going to be Prime Minister for a third term, he will be dealing with a more moderate  Knesset.

There was a shooting at the North Harris campus of Lone Star College in Houston.  Three people were injured and two people were taken in for questioning.

It is against the law to have Inauguration Day on a Sunday because then they would have to pay the employees who set up and patrol the Capitol area Sunday pay.  When the 20th falls on a Sunday, then the public inauguration happens on Monday the 21st, so the municipal employees can be paid holiday pay for Martin Luther King Day.

A bunch of senseless hoopla was made about the Clinton photo bomb during Kelly Clarkson’s singing and of Beyonce lip-synching the National Anthem.  The most disappointing part of the festivities was when Alicia Keys changed one of the words of her song to “Obama is on Fire”  She should have sang “Ahmnodt on Fire” instead because I still think I would have made a better President.

Apologies for posting late the last few days.  I am currently fighting a bug of some kind and hope to catch up soon.

Super Bowl XLVII will be “Har-able”.  This is because the head coaches of the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers and the AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens are brothers.  Jim Harbaugh brought the 49ers into Atlanta and led his team to a 28-24 victory over the Falcons.  San Francisco once trailed 17-0, but scored the final 21 points of the game to win.  John took his Ravens into New England as a heavy underdog and came out with an impressive 28-13 victory.  Tom Brady had the luck of his jinxy cousin Oliver at times.   Super Bowl XLVII will be sponsored by Jimmy John’s in honor of the coaching brothers both coaching in the Super Bowl.

President Obama and Vice-President Biden took the official oaths today as mandated by the Constitution.  Washington DC law prohibits having an inauguration on a Sunday because it costs too much in overtime to stage it on a Sunday.  The public  inauguration will be held instead on Martin Luther King Day because there is no added expense with holding it on a federal holiday (or something).

It was a great day for hockey and a sad day for baseball.

The NHL season finally got started after a 121-day lockout of the players by the teams’ owners.  The first game of note was Chicago at Los Angeles where the Kings hoisted their Stanley Cup Championship banner and presented rings to the players.  They then proceeded to play like a team that would rather play golf in April than play playoff hockey.

It was a sad day for baseball as the game lost two legends.  Stan “The Man” Musial  (November 21, 1920 – January 19, 2013) died from natural causes at the age of 92.  Earl Weaver (August 14, 1930 – January 19, 2013) was a legendary manager of the Baltimore Orioles back in the days when they were good.  He died from a heart attack while vacationing on a cruise ship in the Carribean.

The newest trend is “Te’oing”.  It involves taking of a person who is not there.  It could be a man with his arm around an invisible woman or an empty chair or bed.

Clint Eastwood starting the Te’oing trend at the Republican National Convention. He knew something we didn’t know.

The town of West New York, NJ has proposed a ban on all banners, including flags (Including the American flag.)  The council will vote on the proposal will be on February 20 at 7:00PM.  Between now ant then, fly ’em if you got ’em.

UPDATE:  A botched attempt in trying to rescue the hostages in Algeria has resulted in at least 12 deaths, including one American.  The captors want the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the blind Santa Claus Islamic Cleric released from prison, where he is currently serving a life sentence.

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